Fonden Gamle Sønderho has got approval to arrange an alternative Sønderhodag in accordance with the corona regulations.
The Bridal dances will take place at 5 differenct places in Sønderho. Max 100 visitors are allowed. Please go to one of the next locations if the location is full. Hand hygiene and distance is required. Please do not park in Sønderho. Marked parking space can be found at Landevejen, Digevej, Bus station, Kåvervej and Strandvejen. 

11:00    Service in Sønderho Kirke v/ Miriam Florez 
                   Max 75 guests in the church
13:30    Bridal dance at Børsen
14:30    Bridal dance at Sønderho old School at Kåvervej
15:30    Bridal dance at Sønderho Church 
16:30    Bridal dance at Nannas Stue
17:30    Dancing at Uldsnedkeren

Furthermore, our fantastic musicians from Sønderho will play Sønderho music at different places. You are welcome to join the sønderho dancing.