Fonden Gamle Sønderho

125th anniversary

Sønderho Mill celebrates its 125th anniversary Sunday August 2nd at 14-17

The celebration was originally planned to take place June 21th at the national mill day but it was cancelled due to the corona pandemic. Now, it is possible to arrange the celebration since groups of up to 100 people are allowed. 
1. Welcome by the chairman of Fonden Gamle Sønderho Susanne Winslow.
2. We sing the Mill song with a new melody composed by Jørgen Bjørslev.
3. The shanty choir Stork Ejlænder entertains.
4. Jeppe Brixwold recites a monologue about the old miller Engeltofts dredful exploits 
5. Fanø violin music by Tove de Fries

Niels Brink shows around in the Mill. We sell Fanøkringle from Sønderho Kro, coffee punch, beer and water. Taste samples of bread, baked from the flour from Sønderho Mill, will be served.

We look forward to see you! 

Fonden Gamle Sønderho, Landevejen 98, Sønderho 
DK 6720 Fanø, Denmark
Design og system: Therese Vendelhaven