Fonden Gamle Sønderho

Museum shop Lorenzen

Address: Nord Land 2
Entrance: Free

Phone +45 5150 1850.

We sell:
Original Fanø scarfs
Fanø books and music
Jewelry with amber and pieces of Fanø tile
Antique Staffordshire dogs and Fanø tiles
Glass from the glass blowing workshop on Fanø
And much more …

In the shop there is an exhibition of old Fanø costumes and objects from the sailing period.

Opening hours

We are open all days at 13-16 except Mondays.
October 18th-21th 13-16.
Outside opening hours: Please contact Susanne Winsløw at +45 5150 1850 or Dorte Campion 2442 9014.

Fonden Gamle Sønderho, Landevejen 98, Sønderho 
DK 6720 Fanø, Denmark
Design og system Therese Vendelhaven